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A History of Film Music

A comprehensive account of film music and its history from the silent movies up to the present day, this book includes case studies of national cinemas around the world. Many genres and methods of production are identified together with easily understood descriptions of the interaction between sound and image. Separate sections of the book deal with music for documentaries, animated films,musicals as well as the uses of pop and of classical music in films. Mervyn Cooke concludes this book with a description of a modern film composer's working practices.






Complete Guide to Film Scoring (Berklee Guide)  


Included in this book are interviews with professional film composers and scorers giving very useful information based on a wealth of experience. It is a book worth reading for both students and professionals alike offering a shrewd insight into the business side of things as well as the craft of writing music for film and tv.

The Cambridge Companion to the Musical  


This book gives a lively overview of one of the most popular forms of musical experience. From the nineteenth century American musical through to modern day productions, this book also provides information on audience reception and singers, and includes photographs from some major musicals.

Singing and the Actor  


The author of this book, Gillyanne Kayes has helped many West End performers as well as pop singers,choral directors and vocal teachers, and runs a vocal consultancy. It is no longer essential to have Classical singing training to perform in today's theatre and this book gives a step by step programme which is relevant to the present day performer.Voice qualities such as twang are explained and there are exercises for each topic.





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